SPOC Automation Inc

SPOC Automation Inc

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AboutSPOC Automation Inc


In our corporate DNA, we are an innovation company. We create automation technology for the oil & gas industry that makes it easier and more profitable to pump energy from the ground.

Around here “because that’s the way we’ve always done things” is an unacceptable answer to any question and is likely to get you put in timeout.

In our business, in our industry, there is always a better way. And when our products, our ideas, become the status quo — we focus our effort on finding a better way yet again.

Everything we make, from software to hardware, is specifically engineered for the harsh conditions of the oil field.

Occasionally people will look at us a little sideways when we introduce ourselves. Can a company outside of Birmingham, Alabama really be reinventing automation technology for the artificial lift business? Yes. Yes we can.

Where across-the-line starters were once standard technology, we introduced variable frequency drives built specifically for the rigors of the oilfield. Today, our automation solutions are helping producers pump and move product more profitably from Texas to North Dakota, from coast-to-coast.

And that is only the beginning.