Solon Manufacturing Co

Solon Manufacturing Co

Solon Manufacturing Co.

425 Center Street - Chardon,

Ohio 44024 USA

AboutSolon Manufacturing Co

Solon Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1949 by four Case Western Reserve University engineering graduates: Arnold Siedle, Red Ralston, Joel Carpenter, and Bob Ramsdell. Together, they shared a vision to bring innovation to Northeast Ohio in a post-war industrialism era. Today, Solon Manufacturing Co. continues to thrive on the ideals of its founders—our passion for our company and its stakeholders has led to successful growth initiatives through new products and services.


Solutions Exceeding Expectations.


Through opportunity and innovation, we will change and adapt to anticipate the needs of our internal and external customers.


Our core values influence every facet of our business. Integrity, pride and teamwork connect employees, departments and customers. These principles drive the decisions that contribute to our growth and our customers’ success.