Servnews Robótica e Automação

Servnews Robótica e Automação

R. Salviano José da Silva, 110 - Jardim Vale do Sol, São José dos Campos - SP, 12238-573, Brazil

AboutServnews Robótica e Automação

Technical Assistance on Industrial Robots

Pioneer in Brazil, created in view of the market's need for a service provider in the robotics and automation area, which presents fast and low-cost solutions, adding new technologies, customizing processes according to the individual needs of each client. , with the main objective of exceeding customer expectations, generating profit and social well-being.


1999 – Foundation of the company in the city of São Paulo to serve the service market for industrial robots, which was dominated only by manufacturers present in Brazil. The company was a pioneer in Brazil working in maintenance and repair of industrial robot parts, being necessary to develop its procedures and create its own knowledge, based on the experience and knowledge of its founders, who worked in this segment for over 10 years.

2001 - The company moves to the city of São José dos Campos, as it closed a major maintenance contract with a car manufacturer installed in the city;

2004 – Inauguration of its own headquarters in the city of São José dos Campos, accelerating the company's growth process, expanding its operations and adding services to other robot brands, becoming multi-brand, without losing the focus of operating in the maintenance market for industrial robots;

2005 – Due to the growth of the market and the company's business, the need arose to open a branch in the city of São Paulo to meet the growing demand in that region;

2010 – Servnews becomes a Technical Assistant (AT) at WEG Automação;

2012 – Servnews is approved as an integrator of Kuka Roboter;

2014 – Servnews adds industrial activity to its business, producing robotic cells to order from its customers, as a result of the work developed and well accepted by its customers in the installation of robots in the various production processes;

2015 – As a business strategy, Servnews focused on the robotics segment, no longer acting as a Technical Assistant (AT) at WEG Automação, expanding its efforts to grow the business and strengthen the brand in the Automation and Robotics market;

2016 – As a result of its technical development and consequently new products and services, Servnews starts exporting its products (“Hardware and Software”) abroad, establishing itself even more in the segment, exporting knowledge and products developed in Brazil to countries first world like Sweden and France;



To be the best service company in the field of automation and robotics in Latin America.


To offer our customers complete solutions with effective cost reduction, reliability, basing their activities in the market on ethical principles and values.


SERV NEWS is committed to exceeding the expectations of its customers, seeking through its “Quality System” with continuous improvement of the methods used and the elimination of rework. Its business philosophy is guided by the principles of social and environmental responsibility, demonstrating this ecological awareness in its units.

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