Sensor Electronic Technology

Sensor Electronic Technology

Bright Way Tower, NO. 33 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong (China office)

AboutSensor Electronic Technology

Sensor Electronic Technology (SET) specializes in research, development, and manufacturing of electrical transducers. Our advanced test instrumentation and engineering capabilities provide a most favorable environment for transducer manufacturing. Our quality and inspection departments are among the most advanced in China. The output of our production facility is over hundreds thousand units annually.

The most important aspect of our production is “Quality”. Our products are manufactured and certified to the 2000 quality standards of ISO 9001. The transducers have been approved for safety by numerous agencies such as UL, CUL, CMC and CE. The US Council of International Quality Authentication has recommended us for our high quality standards. Sensor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the only manufacture of electrical transducers in China to have obtained all of these

Our corporate psychology of Research & Development and efficient manufacturing has made us predominant worldwide in the electrical transducer market. Our diverse lines of products are used for signal isolation and modulation, analog and digital communication in standard and smart instrumentation networks. The complete line consists of nearly one hundred sub-categories with numerous standard and custom versions available in each of these sub-categories.

The SET Series of products is used for monitoring electrical parameters of current, voltage, power and frequency.

Technologies such as electrical induction, hall effect and magnetic modulation are used in our product line for monitoring alternating and direct current systems.

The principal characteristics of our products are:
- Micro miniaturization, utilizing surface mount technology.
- Modularization, each function provided by a unique PCB.
- High reliability, all components are high-rel, precision grade.
- Low power consumption, high efficiency regulators and dc-dc power supplies.
- High dielectrics withstand voltage, designed into each product.
- Single side input power requirement, for easy installation.

High quality, reliability and low price have made our transducers most efficient for application in the areas of communication, electric power, automotive energy production, and industrial control. We have received high praise from thousands of customers. We currently provide our products to more than 70 countries all over the world.

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