Schunk Carbon Technology

Schunk Carbon Technology

Rodheimer Straße 59 35452 Heuchelheim Germany

AboutSchunk Carbon Technology

The Schunk Group is an international technology group employing around 8,200 people in 29 countries. The company offers a broad spectrum of products and services in the fields of carbon technology and ceramics, environment simulation and air conditioning technology, sintered metal and ultrasonic welding. Turnover of the Schunk Group was €1.2 bn in 2017.

The Schunk Group's long-term outlook, first held by Ludwig Schunk over 100 years ago when he founded today's Schunk Group, is crucial for its success.

According to his wishes, "the company must be led in such a way that healthy development and the preservation of independence are paramount." The Schunk Group's long-term goals of financial stability and independence, profitable growth and global presence are derived from this.

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