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We are a well-known and consolidated reality within the Emilian district, a global leader in the food plant engineering sector: our services are dedicated to the development of hardware engineering of electrical panels and systems, to the drafting of software for PLC HMI and SCADA , to the realization, the installation and start-up of the automation systems as a whole. We also have a specific division that deals with the design, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems.

We have been operating since 1978. Our ten-year experience allows us, even today, to support industries and companies operating in the Food & Beverage, mechanical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our position, in Parma, the heart of the Food Valley, has been fundamental to acquire a vast know-how in industrial food processes , and to bring our recognized experience in Italy and in the world as a partner of the largest food industries.

Within a 1000 square meter headquarters, and a staff of over 20 employees working in the Engineering Hardware, Engineering Software and Electrical Panels Division, we are able to design and implement effective solutions in all sectors of food production:

  • Preservative
  • Bottling
  • Packaging
  • Palletization

We also have a specific team that, with the QU.E.EN.brand,  operates in the renewable energy sector , where we design, build and manage O&M contracts for photovoltaic systems and small, medium and large energy storage, for companies. and private.

Why might you need us?

If your company, whether large or small, operates in the food or canning sector, with processing, packaging, bottling and palletizing lines , it will need to have a single highly qualified partner able to intervene quickly in managing your requests , and, at the same time, specialized in the design and construction of efficient, modern, safe electrical panels, aimed at total control of the production chain.

SAIE Automation can be the partner you are looking for for solutions concerning:

  • Study and design of the process and its control system
  • Complete electrical and electro-pneumatic diagrams
  • Lay-out of field electrical systems
  • Software for PLCs, HMI panels, touch-screens and industrial PCs
  • Electrical panels of all sizes , from simple boxes to modular cabinets, in full compliance with current regulations, both CE and UL / CSA
  • Complete assembly of field electrical systems
  • Testing, training, after-sales assistance also via internet
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