Rostor - Motorrens S.L.

Rostor - Motorrens S.L.

Pol. Ind. Mas de les Ànimes C / Apel·les Mestres, 36-38 43206 Reus - Spain

AboutRostor - Motorrens S.L.

MOTORRENS S.L. Is a company with a long industrial tradition. It was founded in 1911 and in the beginning it manufactured petrol and diesel engines for agricultural and marine applications, irrigation motorpumps and generators. In 1970 it re-orientated its product to present day manufacture of high pressure pumps, equipments and accessories for industrial and sewer cleaner by application of a high pressure water jet. The products are know by the Rostor trademark.

Motorrens has modern facilities equipped with numeric control (CNC) machines of high precision and production.

The final products have been controlled from the entrance of the raw material to their completion.

Each manufactured pump is checked on the test bench, making running-in and test several hours at maximum performances. The accessories with internal mechanisms, pistols, foot valves, rotating nozzles, also are controlled in operation before the storage.

All is assured that the material is given to the client with the maximum quality.