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Robostar Co Ltd

 700, Suin-ro (Sisa-dong), Sangrok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do 

AboutRobostar Co Ltd

"A company that provides a one-stop solution for a convenient and happy life"

Just as the purpose of robots and automation is to do difficult or difficult tasks on behalf of humans and to make human life more convenient and enriching, our company is “a company that provides a one-stop solution for a convenient and happy life” to humans as its “mission”. We are constantly striving for continuous growth.As a result, we are now solidifying our position as a leader in the domestic manufacturing robot industry.

In terms of business, we are expanding into automation equipment business such as FPD equipment, IT parts manufacturing equipment and semiconductor equipment, focusing on manufacturing robots that are applied to various industries such as mobile, display, automobile, semiconductor, electric and electronic, and secondary battery.In addition, in terms of market, we have a distribution network in major global markets such as China, Japan, Europe, and the United States, and are actively conducting overseas business.We will expand our business into the Southeast Asian market in the future.

Our executives and staff believe that this growth was possible thanks to the continuous interest and affectionate consideration of our customers.Everyone is not forgotten. Now, once again, our Robostars are slowly preparing for a new leap forward.In order to become a robot company of “Realization of Global Top 5 in the field of manufacturing robots” around the world, allThe executives and staff will work together with one heart and one mind.In the future, our executives and staff will do their best to become a Robostar that customers can trust.