Robominds GmbH

Robominds GmbH

Südliche Auffahrtsallee 76, 80639 München, Germany

AboutRobominds GmbH

Smart Robotics. For everyone.

We are passionate about robotics innovations that will move you forward. ‘Making robots smart’ is our vision, mission and everyday business – at the best possible level. We don’t ask “Does it work?” but “How does it work?”. In any case, the answer is: with a powerful, interdisciplinary team.


At both locations – in Nymphenburg and Munich north – problems turn into challenges and bold visions into innovative products. Here, software and hardware experts are united by a passion for robotics and a desire for technical challenges. Together we raise robotics to a new level, towards real artificial intelligence and therefore to real automation, realizable and affordable for every size of company.