Raon Robotics

Raon Robotics

Suwon-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, KOREA

AboutRaon Robotics

Raontech, which is a reputed robotics company commenced in March 2000, with the only purpose to be a renowned professional robotics company around the globe. It has grown immensely for a variety of industrial robots specifically in ICT field and automation systems which are used in manufacturing.

With the mission to be a leading edge company in handling robot and automation, it encompasses extremely passionate and experienced personnel with them. Some of its fabulous works include:

  • Delta Robot (DeltaFly™)
  • Atmospheric and Vaccum Robot for Handling Wafer
  • Atmospheric and Vaccum robot for handling Flat panel, Cassette, Solar cell
  • EFEM (SmartFab™)
  • Vacuum Cluster System


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