QP Mechanics s.a.s.

QP Mechanics s.a.s.

Via Cesare Cattaneo, 8b 22063 Vighizzolo di Cantù (CO) Italy

AboutQP Mechanics s.a.s.

The company QP Mechanics operates in the field of hard-metal processing for the manufacture of precision mechanical equipment aimed to the most different industries; among them, the one dedicated to cold deformation of metals, tapes, sheet, wires or pipes stands out. Thanks to the machining of tungsten carbide and tool steels, different kinds of tooling, such as: dies, punches, bushes, cutting knives, shafts, nozzles, transport fingers, etc., are produced.

QP Mechanics’ work is addressed to different fields of application and different areas of mechanical engineering, such as: the development of equipment for the pressing of powders for the pharmaceutical, packaging, anti-wear in general and machine component markets, etc.

Leader in research and market developments, QP Mechanics can boast state-of-the-art equipment and is also available for the production of semi-finished products and mechanical processing for third parties of details having round or prismatic shape.

Here are some examples of the offered processes:

- Both inside and outside, cylinder or profile grinding.

- Turning and milling machining.

- Wire and die sinking electro-erosion.

- Mirror polishing.

QP Mechanics always guarantees the maximum quality of all its products and its work.

Its policy of uninterrupted improvement allows keeping constantly updated not only the machine fleet, but also the entire management process, which, from offices to production, are strictly computerized and synchronized.

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