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PB swiss Tools

Bahnhofstrasse 24, 3457 Wasen/Bern, Switzerland

AboutPB swiss Tools

Whether it's the aerospace industry or the medical technology sector, tools and instruments from PB Swiss Tools are used in locations where failure is not an option. The secret to the family company's success is its continuous focus on quality and innovation.

By producing everything in-house and implementing continuous quality control, the company is able to provide a lifetime warranty covering material and manufacturing defects. With the serial number marked on every tool and instrument, every single production step can be traced back to the raw material.

Investment in the Future
It is well known that PB Swiss Tools manufactures tools of the highest quality, and this has not happened by chance. The family company, which is now in its fourth generation and managed by Max Baumann (CTO) and Eva Jaisli (CEO), optimizes and develops new branded products every year. In the last year alone it has introduced 100 new products. The PB Swiss Tools range now includes over 3000 products.

This constant growth is part of the company's success, which can be traced back to 1878. It all began in the Wasen village smithy in Emmental with the production of nose rings for the taming of oxen. In 1916 Paul Baumann took over the forge and established the family-owned company PB Baumann GmbH. In 1940 the company began producing tools, the first of which was a screwdriver. In 2011 medical devices were added to the portfolio. Today, 160 employees in Wasen and Sumiswald manufacture 12 million tools and instruments every year. More than two thirds of these are exported worldwide.

100% Swissness
In order to emphasize its dedication to high quality as well as its family background, the company was renamed PB Swiss Tools in 2006. In Emmental, Swissness is more than just a buzz word. Despite the strong Swiss Franc, the company has held onto its Swiss production sites. PB Swiss Tools is one of the few exporting companies that develops and manufactures all of its products in Switzerland. The high level of training and close cooperation with experts from renowned Swiss universities makes the company a strong innovator. With its commitment to Switzerland as an industrial center and think tank, numerous training and employment opportunities have been created in the border region. Every year, PB Swiss Tools invests 20% of its turnover in the development of new products.

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