Oryx Simulations AB

Oryx Simulations AB

Tvistevagen 48, 907 36 Umea, Sweden

AboutOryx Simulations AB

Oryx Simulations is a Swedish company and world leader in simulator systems for heavy-vehicle applications. We are active on a global market that has expanded steadily in recent years, a trend that is expected to continue. Our headquarter is located in Umeå, Sweden.

Our sister company, Algoryx, provides Oryx Simulations with world-leading technology in the form of the real-time physics engine used in most of Oryx simulations.

Our mission is to provide our customers with valuable solutions for simulations. Our primary customers are heavy vehicle and machines manufacturers.

We design, develop and produce simulations for companies around the world.

We have extensive domain knowledge in construction, mining, forestry and material handling. We are experienced in the field of real-time simulation, visualisation and simulator development.

Our simulation and visualization solutions can be applied to a wide spectrum of areas. With Industry 4.0 comes great responsiblity. We can provide your business with the simulations you need to better handle the challenges with automation, competence and sales.

Reduce cost and lead time by applying virtual prototyping in the development process. It enables human in the loop studies in early stages of product development. Control system integration and verification can be started before any real hardware has been produced.

With the help of our advanced simulators, your operators will learn to handle your machines in a more productive, environmentally-friendly and safe manner. We consider it a must that training environments are both as realistic as possible and enjoyable to use. Documented results prove increased productivity and a fast return of investment when using simulators in operator training.

Simulators will help you market new product features by letting customers experience it hands-on or attract visitors to your exhibition booth by placing a simulator in the spotlight.