OMCE di Rocchetti Amleto S.p.A.

OMCE di Rocchetti Amleto S.p.A.

Via dell'Industria, 12 Trecastelli Ancona (AN) 60012 Italia.

AboutOMCE di Rocchetti Amleto S.p.A.

OMCE S.p.A., established in 1955 by Amleto Rocchetti, specialises in the production of plastic and steel packaging. The Company's vast experience and product guarantee keep it at the forefront of the market. The original production line, aimed at the building sector, at the time in strong expansion, was converted in 1967, to the benefit of current production. The Company's experience in the packaging sector and in the processes and technologies developed with the determining support of both men and means, the methodology and stringent safety and environmental awareness have allowed OMCE S.p.A. to establish itself in the metal drum sector and become the primary supplier for leading Companies.

Company, currently operates over an area of 85,000 m², with a covered area of 22,000 m² in the central Adriatic area. With its extremely versatile business and technical structures, it is able to meet the service and quality requirements of an ever-demanding clientele. DEDICATION to production processes over the last two years has had the sole purpose of attaining an ISO 9001 Quality System. Certification was attained in June 1994 and updated in accordance with ISO 9001 standard in October 2003.

At the heart of company policy is the strong and constant involvement of the entire workforce as it strives to attain Quality in all production and business activities and to sensitise its suppliers so that they adopt similar methods.

All product standards (EN209, EN210 et seq), material standards (EN 10130, EN 10131 and others) are adopted and implemented during the project phase. All drums that are type-approved on the basis of ONU guideline tests comply with the current provisions of Chapter 9 and thus with RID, ADR, IMO and ICAO directives. Environmental protection, encompassing both the internal work environment and the eco-compatibility of its production cycles in relation to the external environment, has always been one of the primary objectives of OMCE.

Following Certification of the Quality System in accordance with the ISO 9000 standards in 1994, the Company has recently attained further significant results: the realisation of the Environmental Management System and ISO 14000 Certification. This is an important achievement, which saw the involvement of all the Company’s facilities and the Company’s involvement in ground-breaking investments with the dual purpose of reducing the environmental impact of its activities and improving the reliability of its production cycles for its “stakeholders”, and first and foremost its customers, employees and the Community within which it operates.

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