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Observator Instruments

Rietdekkerstraat 6, 2984 BM Ridderkerk, The Netherlands

AboutObservator Instruments

In 1924 a few men began supplying instrumentation to the marine industry. Their business, known as “De Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Instrumentenfabriek Observator N.V.”, was located in a small office near the harbor in Rotterdam.

Product range

We started our product range with the development of manometers and dial thermometers. In the 50s our product range expanded with optical components for nautical devices and in the 60s Observator became a representive of Airflow instruments. This gave us an important role in the air technology market.

In the eighties we started our meteorological and hydrological division, with the development of the Obsermet product line (anemometers, rain gauges, data loggers, displays, etc) and the start of the water level meter with a counter weight and float. In the years following, the meteorological and hydrological products took a more prominent place within Observator.

Since 15 years, the meteorological and hydrological markets are the core markets of Observator Instruments. Nowadays Observator Vision focusses on window wipers and sunscreens with a large customer base in the marine market. Observator Precisietechniek has been the main producer in optical and fine mechanical products for Observator Group. Apart form that, the company became an independent supplier to other high end industries.

Since 1924 Observator has evolved to be trend-setting supplier and developer in a wide variety of industries. Observator Group provides instruments for meteorological and hydrological solutions, process monitoring, air and climate technology. Observator Group is also specialized in window wipers, sunscreens and high precision mechanical production


Where we started with development of single instruments and components for the maritime market in The Netherlands, we are now able to develop and supply complete turn-key systems for various markets and applications world-wide.

Originating from the Netherlands, we have a large customer base in our homeland. Observator has also grown into an internationally oriented company with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom and Greece and via our worldwide distribution network. We are able to support our customers to the maximum.

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