Novasina AG

Novasina AG

Neuheimstrasse 12 CH - 8853 Lachen, Switzerland

AboutNovasina AG

Novasina AG - HygroMaxx, PascalMaxx, Pascal-ST/Z, LabMaster/LabTouch/LabSwift-aw, measuring sensor, high precision sensors, transmitters and laboratory measurement instruments, output signal scaling, relative humidity/temperature measurement system, differential pressure measurement system, water activity laboratory measuring instruments, clean room pressure control, air speed monitoring and control.

Since more than 50 years, the Swiss company Novasina is the leader in production and distribution of high precision sensors, transmitters and laboratory measurement instruments used in various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, HVAC, building and many more.

The core competence of Novasina is the measuring sensor, which is a unique element developed and optimized during the past 50 years. Today this element achieves unsurpassable performances in accuracy and stability and is used in most of the measurement instruments.

Novasina has its own R&D and production department and all instruments are built in-house. Hence tailor made instruments can be developed and produced very quickly. The ISO 9001 certification as well as the in-house calibration lab for factory calibrations are other proofs of expertise and quality.

Novasina sells worldwide through an efficient and well trained distributor network. All products are engineered and produced in the own premises and are Swiss Made.


What is water activity?

Water activity is defined as the availability of free water in a sample and should not be confused with water content. The water activity is given as the aw - value with a range between 0 (absolute dryness) and 1 (condensed humidity).

Only the free water takes an active part in the exchange with the ambient humidity and can form an ideal medium for microbiological growth on the product surface which influences the microbiological stability. Water activity also has an important effect on the chemical reactions, texture, colour and taste.

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