NCT Ipari Elektronikai Kft.

NCT Ipari Elektronikai Kft.

Fogarasi u. 5-7. Budapest, 1148 Hungary

AboutNCT Ipari Elektronikai Kft.


Year of foundation.


Series production of HUNOR PNC 721 CNC turning control is started.


Development of HUNOR 731 and 732 controls begins.


Development of NCT 90 control is started.


Production year of last HUNOR control.


NCT 90 is introduced on three turning machines at the Budapest International Fair (BNV).


The FANUC-compatible NCT 90M milling CNC control reaches completion.


Production of NCT 98M, the first color-screen NCT is started.


The FANUC-compatible NCT 99T CNC turning control reaches completion. NCT 98M is succeeded by NCT 99M.


Starting serial production of NCT 2000 control, servo drives up to 10 kW and servo motors up to 9 Nm.


Starting serial production of synchronous servo drives and asynchronous servo spindle drives up to 22 kW.


Completion of FEW expansion card, using which integration of the WINDOWS operating system and PC resources (hard disk, USB, ETHERNET) into NCT control is realized. Motors of 12, 22, 30 and 38 Nm were added to the series of NCT servo motors. Realization of recuperative drive power supply unit and sinusoidal current regulator. With this, the first complete NCT package (CNC, servo motor, servo drive and main drive) could be offered to machine tool manufacturers.


NCT 100 and then NCT 104 controls were the most successful products of NCT Ltd. After many years of development of control and drive software, the high-speed and high-precision contouring was put on the market (HSHP in the control and HPSC in speed control).


Adaptation of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.


The range of servo drives is extended up to 55 kW.


Completion of low cost and simple, but high processing speed new compact control – NCT 101.


Building a new and modern hall to increase machine production.


Completion of NCT 115, an NCT control with the most favourable price. The best choice for modernization and for simpler new machines either.


Foundation year of NCT Academy Non-profit Limited Company of public utility.


Completion of the first member of NCT 200 control family – the NCT 201. This control and its peripheries developed by using the latest technologies (WIN CE, EtherCAT, EnDat 2.2) open new markets for NCT Ltd.


More channels, high-speed machining, misalignment compensation.


Having purchased Italian MECOF machine tool manufacturer’s facilities in Hungary, we enlarged ourselves by a new factory.


At the NCT Taksony Machine Tool Factory, we installed the largest grinding machine and the largest double-column milling machine in Hungary, with the working space of 8 m x 3 m x 1.5 m and 8.5 m x 4 m x 3.5 m, respectively.


NCT 304 controller with new REALTIME operating system.

The way has been opened for us to integrate new services: remote diagnostics, energy management, MINI CNC applications (dental milling machines), customized user interfaces, solid state graphics. NCT 304 control with new REALTIME operating system. The way for us to integrate new services has opened: remote diagnostics, energy management, MINI CNC applications (dental milling machine), interfaces tailored to users, solid body graphics.


Simultaneous 5-axis (5D) machining: TCP, TPC, CPC, NanoSmooth. We entered the machine tool market with new 5- axis machining centres.


New compact drive system (DXC drive and power supply family), 5D calibrations, compensations, crash test, open interface


Our headquarters at the Fogarasi Street has been expanded with new premises of 1200 m2. Manufacturing the robots and engines, the service and after-sales service and the machine tool development centre are located in the new hall.