Multicell International Ltd

Multicell International Ltd

Swannington Road Broughton Astley Leicester LE9 6TU

AboutMulticell International Ltd

Our primary function is the assembly of battery packs and associated systems. The Company’s in depth knowledge of battery technology enables us to competently deal with all types of cell chemistry including Sealed Lead Acid, NiCad, Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium.

Specialist assemblies are undertaken for the Military, Medical Field, Police Force, Electricity and Water Authorities and both large and small Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Our Head Quarters is a centrally located factory ensuring easy and prompt distribution nationwide. We have an ‘in house’ design team to either undertake complete design for the customer or to assist them within their own technical department. Manufacturing facilities are available for sonic welding, foam injection, heat shrinking, tagging and crimping. Combine these with an analytical and PC controlled management system to give a wide range of facilities for the design, build and evaluation of customers’ specifications. Link all of these qualities together to give our total commitment and dedication to service.

Multicell is also a quality brand name in the automotive, traction and leisure fields. We distribute our own brand and Varta products throughout Leicestershire, Norfolk and Worcestershire on our own fleet of vehicles.

We are the UK’s leading independent battery build house. Our directives and aims along with our excellent expansion programme have allowed us to take portable power through the millennium. We operate a quality management system and are accredited with BS EN ISO ISO9001:2015 with BSi. By putting tangible measuring systems in place we can measure our own performance and make continued improvements.

Our staff are trained to find answers to your battery problems and by using the technical facilities available at our depots in Leicester, Norwich and Evesham we can usually supply you with a solutions.