MMK - Matsumoto Machine Co Ltd

MMK - Matsumoto Machine Co Ltd

16 E. Piper Lane #129, Prospect Heights, IL 60070

AboutMMK - Matsumoto Machine Co Ltd

MMK Matsumoto Corporation is a premier workholding supplier and innovative leader in engineering, industrial machinery, design, and supplier of high quality products to machine tool manufacturers, dealers/distributors, and end-users throughout the world. In November 2004, MMK Matsumoto established its U.S. entity, MMK Matsumoto Corp., near Chicago, Illinois in order to better serve North American customers. MMK’s product line has evolved to include a vast selection of numerical control (NC) rotary tables, chucks, cylinders, and other workholding products. Commitment to high quality products and excellent service has earned MMK Matsumoto industry-wide attention for many years.

Our commitment to quality, superior engineering, technical support, and customer service continues to grow with the addition of our NEW facility centrally located in Prospect Heights, Illinois.

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