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Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

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AboutMitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

Innovative Automation Solutions

Smart Manufacturing has become a reality, with many operations investing heavily in modernizing for advanced production using automation solutions and information processing. As the journey towards Industry 4.0 advances, partnering with technology leaders becomes a critical element for success. Mitsubishi Electric has a long history as a market leader across all major industries utilizing advanced technologies in servo, drive, PLC, and HMI products, programmed with universal tools that provide exceptional engineering productivity. Further, these same software tools are utilized to share information with MES and ERP systems, and provide simulation and configuration for our advanced line of robots. With Mitsubishi Electric Automation, using multiple popular protocols across Ethernet and linking industrial IoT has never been easier.

Where can Mitsubishi Electric’s innovations help you? As one of the leading industrial automation companies in USA, we make it our specialty to help industries that require automation from oil and gas to automotive, manufacturing, packaging, and beyond.

Sales Automation

In today’s fast-paced, dynamic marketing world, managers and owners are looking to save time everywhere from the sales floor to production and warehousing. Saved time translates into more business in every aspect. As such, sales automation solutions are a must. If you can save time automating information you need on hand for a prospective client, you’ll have more time to generate and follow up with leads, rather than gathering intel.

Thanks to our connected equipment in line with IoT, you’ll have every piece of data you need at your fingertips, making you a leader among sales automation companies. Why simply keep your edge when you can set the bar? Give your current and prospective customers every piece of data they need to prove that you’re a leader in your industry. No longer flounder when asked about your bottom-line sales numbers, turnaround time, or ability to ramp up production to meet customer requirements. Data at your fingertips. That’s what Mitsubishi Electric provides.

Industrial Control and Expansion

Are you ready to expand, but need to keep costs down while you do? Reduce your expenses and boost your production by incorporating cutting-edge industrial automation solutions. With leading integrative technology, connection across machines, and instant data streaming, you’ll boost production levels, reduce downtime, increase your profit margin, and shrink your time to market. Industrial control solutions are vital to stay on top of every moving part in your warehouse and where better to find them than Mitsubishi Electric – one of the best control panel manufacturers in USA.

As one of the foremost industrial control panel manufacturers, we have a unique handle on what manufacturers and business owners around the world need most when it comes to automation control solutions. Take complete control of your manufacturing process with motion control, user-friendly control panels, touch screen monitors, and upgrades for your current monitor and control panels. Don’t lose time on the floor with clunky control panels, hard-to-use tech, or control panels that don’t integrate well with your system. With the right industrial control solutions, you’ll save time, boost performance, and expand your company’s capabilities. Mitsubishi Electric is proud to serve you as one of the leading electrical control panel builders in the world.

Intelligent Automation

Have you applied automation to your company but know you need to go beyond a few machines and robots? With enterprise intelligent automation, you’ll not only manage processes from start to finish, but you’ll automate them, learn from them, and adjust them for quicker production, faster output, and reduced cost. Thanks to Mitsubishi Electric’s dynamic automation and control solutions, you’ll be poised to accelerate a transformation in your company from beginning to end. Don’t find yourself hesitating to take on new clients or increase production runs. Make changes that enable you to be agile in today’s ever-changing market. Equip your company and employees through the dynamic use of human-machine collaboration to solve problems, close gaps in your production lines, and work better, faster.

Automotive and Electronics

Nowhere is the necessity to use manufacturing solutions more imperative than in the automotive and electronics industries. The automotive industry uses more electronics today than at any time in history – and it’s only poised to grow. With the expansion of both industries, the need for automotive manufacturing solutions and electronics manufacturing solutions is at an all-time high. Don’t find yourself becoming one of the few automation companies that haven’t upgraded your performance capabilities with the latest innovations that provide you with the ability to rapidly expand, increase your company’s reach, and boost your production capabilities.


Mitsubishi Electric is proud to be one of the frontrunner automation companies USA turns to for factory automation solutions. We provide a diverse range of automated manufacturing solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. Industries from gas and oil to automotive and packaging all need to take advantage of upgrading their manufacturing automation system in order to reduce downtime, improve production speed and accuracy, diversify their production line, increase sales, expand, and boost their total revenue.

In manufacturing, regardless of your size or industry, you can break through production barriers. Equip your floor with an automated manufacturing system that equips your employees to maximize production hours and help you discover holes in your process. Close gaps and expand production by utilizing tools that top process automation companies created to improve your business performance from the ground up.