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AboutLOGIC Srl

Need to improve your production process?

No one knows your plant, operational procedures and needs better than you.

Thanks to our experience and skills in making YOUR best ideas become a reality in the production process, we design the best possible solutions for all production needs. AUTOMATION means: consistent quality, safety, flexibility, consistency, exact monitoring and reduction of running and maintenance costs. Our specific experience is based on our close cooperation with our clients in designing several industrial automation and weighing systems with loading cells in a number of fields: PAINTS, VARNISHES, SOLVENTS, INKS, RESINS, DETERGENTS, COSMETICS, BODY CARE AND HAIR DYE PRODUCTS.


What we do is to analyse, study and control the process by supervising all aspects of the production process and the stocking of raw materials and finished goods, including the full design of the control room and its equipment and interfaces. We usually have to design applications that operate in an explosive atmosphere due to the presence of flammable gases and dusts; for this reason we have a deep understanding and knowledge of the complex European directive on these peculiar working environments: if this is not adequately implemented, it may pose a high risk of accidents and heavy sanctions by supervisory bodies.

System architecture

LOGIC’s system architecture for the automation of the process control can be defined as network-oriented. This means that there is a structure connecting the various components through networks placed at different levels, starting from the lowest one (field) up to the highest one (for example the web network).

Supervisory system

The plant is TUNED by means of a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system, which is the best possible interface between process and user. This data acquisition system allows interfacing with higher-level platforms such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which manage production.


The system for compiling and memorising the formulas is immediate and easy to use. Thanks to the raw materials database and warehouse management and the finished products database, it is possible to include these items when compiling a formula without almost any need to type in anything, thus reducing the risk of making mistakes.


Production data are made available through raw materials consumption reports and finished products production reports. With one single database in which all process data are stored in real time, information acquisition by the highest-level IT system for production and warehouse management is extremely easy.