LOBO Systems Ltd

LOBO Systems Ltd

LOBO Systems, Centurion Way Business Park, Alfreton Road, Derby DE21 4AY United Kingdom

AboutLOBO Systems Ltd

The LOBO Work Platform System.

When I first developed the LOBO System, it was a revelation, particularly because (like most people) my own experience with platforms and scaffolding was of problems with contractors and incredibly time-consuming assembly and disassembly. At last, this was a high quality product that represented a serious alternative to platforms and scaffolding that didn’t require specialist skills or tools to use and could easily be stored and transported.

Even though I was working in IT at the time, it was this that led to the birth of LOBO Systems as a business, as I felt that there were so many potential applications for the system that companies everywhere needed to start exploring it.

To this day I’ve personally demonstrated the LOBO System to literally thousands of Business People – from NASA Engineers to Health & Safety professionals to Wholesalers – and been pleasantly surprised at the creative ways our clients have found of using it to make their businesses safer, more efficient and more profitable.

LOBO Vision

To become a globally recognised company that protects working people from injury and saves companies time and money.

To empower our customers by enabling them to take more control over their working environment and finances.

And to reduce accident man days in the workplace.

LOBO Mission

To provide a high quality and safe work platform system that will enable our customers to protect their employees at the same time as saving time and money.

To improve safety standards in the workplace and provide a reliable alternative to traditional access systems.

To reduce our customer’s reliance on other out-sourced access products and provide a simple and multi use alternative.

To ensure the people who use our system are safe and competently trained.

LOBO Promise

Delivering Excellence.

We promise to deliver excellence in every way we can to our customers. Here at LOBO Systems we are passionate about delivering excellence, not only in terms of our product, but in every aspect of service as well.

LOBO Systems will work with you to give you the service that you deserve. We will help you with every step of the process from assessment, to using the system in your environment, to any future projects you may have planned.