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LINAK® - Electric Actuator Solutions


LINAKprovides innovative linear actuator solutions that help improve your life.

LINAK actuators are used in many different industries, making both work and private life easier for a lot of people. The actuators are produced for five different business areas. MEDLINE® & CARELINE® delivers actuator solutions for the hospital and healthcare sector, DESKLINE® delivers lifting columns for height adjustable furniture, HOMELINE® actuators are used in comfort beds, TECHLINE® actuators are used in industrial work applications and NETLINE™ actuators are used in switchgear automation.

An electric linear actuator is a device able to push or pull different objects with a lifting capacity of 200 – 12,000 Newton. This way it is possible to lift, adjust, tilt, push or pull heavy or hard-to-reach objects simply by pushing a button. Additionally, actuators provide a safe, quiet and clean movement with accurate motion control. They are non-toxic and energy efficient and have a long lifetime with little or no maintenance. Installing an actuator is very easy compared to e.g. hydraulic systems and it takes up much less space, as it has no pumps or hoses. A typical LINAK actuator system solution includes one or more linear actuators, a control box and a control device to operate the actuators.

The ability of the actuators to adapt to specific needs ensures well-functioning solutions that are applied in many different aspects for a wide range of applications and products.

TECHLINE actuator solutions are designed to ensure reliable and precise movement in heavy-duty industrial work applications e.g. industrial automation. This means that TECHLINE actuators are able to withstand hostile conditions such as rough weather while providing a very accurate motion.

They are, among other things, designed for construction and machinery, ventilation and farming solutions, marine applications and they help improve the efficiency of solar tracking systems.

In order to create individual solutions TECHLINE also works closely together with their customers so that diverse needs and specifications are met. This way TECHLINE actuators help improve customer products and give them a competitive advantage.

Process Optimisation With Electric Actuator Solutions

Factories and other industrial production facilities depend on the ability to constantly optimise processes to make the most of machi­nes and manpower. Electric actuator systems are perfect solutions for helping machine builders achieve this.

TECHLINE linear actuators are both versatile and flexible, presenting powerful movement as well as perfect control and accuracy. Machine builders achieve low costs, easy installation and simple integration with control systems compared to other solutions. Maximum up-time, no maintenance on actuators, long lifetime, no risk of harmful oil leaks and low energy consumption are obvious benefits.

LINAK TECHLINE products are characterised by being tremendously reliable as a result of the extensive LINAK TECHLINE test program. This is one of the reasons why TECHLINE actuator solutions can be found in a wide variety of applications for process machinery, assembly lines, production lines and material handling all over the world.

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