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Liebherr is not only one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction machinery. The more than 43,500 employees contribute to technological progress in many other industries as well. The management of the group of companies is still in the hands of the Liebherr family.  

Company Profile
The decentrally organized Liebherr Group comprises eleven business units. The highest management body is a shareholder body, which exclusively includes members of the Liebherr family.

facts and figures

The Liebherr Group achieved its third highest turnover in its history in 2016 with a total turnover of € 9,009 million. Compared to the record year 2015, this was a decline of € 228 million or 2.5%. facts and figures

organization structure

The operational structure ensures consistency in key corporate issues and enables it to respond quickly to market demands at the divisional level. Operational structure


Eleven product divisions contribute to technological progress in numerous industries. The exchange within the group promotes innovative ideas and overarching developments. Divisions of the group of companies

Active shareholders

All active shareholders of the company group are descendants of the company founder and continue the company in his own interest. This ensures continuity and forms a solid foundation for success. Management


Liebherr is a family business from tradition. The value-oriented corporate culture ensures strong cohesion and a trusting relationship with partners and customers. self-image

Portrait of the company founder

The principles of the company founder Hans Liebherr still characterize the entrepreneurial actions and the structure of the group of companies. Portrait Hans Liebherr


As a family-owned group, Liebherr attaches great importance to integrity. compliance     We are a family business
The Liebherr Group is a wholly owned family business. This fact has always shaped our corporate culture and will continue to form the solid foundation for our success in the future. The foundation of the group of companies
The invention of the mobile tower crane is also the birth of Liebherr. Within the first decade, the small construction company has developed into an established manufacturer of construction machinery and many other technically sophisticated products.

1949 Invention of the mobile tower crane
In the post-war period, large parts of Germany are under reconstruction. Hans Liebherr manages the construction business of his parents in southern Germany. He recognizes the need for tools and machinery for the construction industry and housing. Together with designers and craftsmen, he developed the first mobile tower crane in 1949. The TK 10 is easy to transport and easy to install on site. It is also the first product of Hans Liebherr Maschinenfabrik, founded in 1949 in Kirchdorf. The successor models will be used to start crane production at Liebherr, and the construction company will become a construction equipment manufacturer.

 Lightweight and powerful: With the L300, Hans Liebherr designs the first hydraulic excavator in Europe.
Lightweight and powerful: With the L300, Hans Liebherr designs the first hydraulic excavator in Europe.

1952-'54 Extension of the product range
Gears for the production of gearboxes are scarce in the early 1950s. In order to be able to produce cranes, Hans Liebherr begins to manufacture hobbing machines for gear production.

When Hans Liebherr rents a crawler crane in 1953, he notices the mismatch between weight and performance. Eight months later, he presents the L300, the first hydraulic excavator in Europe. This is four times lighter than the rented machine. In 1954, the powerful device goes into series production.

 1955: Advertising ad for a Liebherr refrigerator
1955: Advertising ad for a Liebherr refrigerator

1954 From construction machinery to refrigerators
At Hans Liebherr, there are occasional personal contacts that give impulses for new business areas. The entrepreneur learns about a store for sale through the store manager of his house bank.

In dealing with the product, the sales figures and the markets, Liebherr recognizes the enormous potential of the devices. At this time, only one in ten German households owns a refrigerator - and with economic growth, demand is rising. Hans Liebherr opts against the company purchase and relies on its own production facilities at the southern German Ochsenhausen site. In 1954, the first refrigerator is manufactured there and already one year later series production begins.

The construction equipment program was supplemented in 1956 by machines for the production and transport of concrete, which Liebherr has since been manufacturing in Bad Schussenried.

1958 Expansion in Europe and Africa
Established as a company in Germany, Liebherr puts the first plant into operation abroad at the end of the 1950s. To gain a foothold in the British and North American markets, the company is building a manufacturing facility in Killarney, Ireland. Here tower cranes and later container, shipyard and special cranes are manufactured. In South Africa, the first company outside Europe emerged in the 1960s. Hans Liebherr sets the course for the international orientation of the group of companies.

 Maintenance of an aircraft landing gear at the Lindenberg site
Maintenance of an aircraft landing gear at the Lindenberg site

1960 Start of aviation activities
Hans Liebherr's involvement in the field of aircraft technologies begins with company participation in the late 1950s. In March 1960 he founded Liebherr-Aero-Technik GmbH in Lindenberg im Allgäu (Germany). From the beginning, the goal is to develop and produce prototypes. The company is to develop from a licensee to a producer of its own components and systems, from a device manufacturer to a system provider. In 1996, the company changed its name to Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH.

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Our customers can rely on a worldwide sales and service network. Search for the right contact person here. Sales and service search

Rent of construction machinery

Upon request, Liebherr's rental service includes not only the provision of the machines, but also advice, employee training and logistics. Liebherr rental service

Used machines

With used machines, used spare parts and equipment, the group sells affordable alternatives to new products. Overview assortment

Purchasing and logistics

Our global purchasing organization is always interested in new contacts of efficient suppliers and service providers. Information for suppliers

Telematics from Liebherr

With the Fleet Management LiDAT devices can be localized. Usage times and fuel consumption can also be monitored remotely. Fleet management LiDAT

Reman program from Liebherr

As part of the Reman program, used Liebherr components are reprocessed to industrial standards. Reman program

spare Parts

In addition to original Liebherr parts, it is also possible to research processed components as part of the Reman program and order them with just a few clicks. Liebherr original parts


High-quality lubricants and operating fluids from Liebherr help to maintain the performance of Liebherr machines in the long term. Overview consumables

licensing business

Liebherr-Industrieanlagen AG realizes production sites. In doing so, plants will be modernized, expanded or newly constructed. Liebherr Industry Cooperations

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Important business processes with partners are handled by Liebherr according to the globally recognized industry standards for the electronic exchange of business documents. Electronic data exchange

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