Leotronics Ltd

Leotronics Ltd

London Road, Rake Hampshire, GU33 7PQ

AboutLeotronics Ltd

Established in 1990, Leotronics is the leading supplier of electronic connectors & custom-built cable assemblies. Since 30 years, our company has been a market leader in the supply of premium quality, competitively priced, industry standard electronic connectors and electronic cable assembly solutions, to businesses across the globe.

We have a highly professional and progressive approach to offer support to the electronics and technology industries across the globe.

We always strive to provide quality products and we achieve it through many accreditations including the most recent ISO 9001:2015.

As a leading supplier of electronic connectors and cable assemblies, we provide a range of services including design, manufacturing, sourcing and distribution worldwide.

Examples of some of the electronic connectors we can supply are:

  • 1.00, 1.25, 1.27, 1.5mm Pitch Connectors
  • 2.00mm pitch PCB Connectors
  • 2.50mm Pitch Connectors
  • 2.54mm pitch board to board Connectors
  • 2.54mm pitch wire to board Connectors
  • 3.96mm Pitch Connectors
  • 5.00, 5.08, 7.5-5mm & 10-8mm Pitch PCB Connectors
  • Medical Imaging and Clinical Research Association and Societies Professionals
  • D-subs USB and DIN Connectors
  • FFC/ FPC Connectors
  • IDC Wire and Board Connection
  • PCMCIA Connectors
  • Power Connectors 3.0mm Pitch Micro Power
  • Power Connectors 4.20mm Pitch Connector
  • Ribbon Cable and FFC/ FPC Cable