KOGANEI International America, Inc.

KOGANEI International America, Inc.

48860 Milmont Drive, suite 108C, Fremont, California 94538

AboutKOGANEI International America, Inc.


Kenji Kuroo


April 25, 2011


48860 Milmont Drive, suite 108C, Fremont, California 94538



Business Activities

Sales of lubrication systems, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, electrostatic equipment, electrical equipment, fluid control equipment,environmental equipment and related products.

Koganei’s Commitment to the Quality

Koganei quality stance is to pursue the quality trusted and satisfied by customers. In other words, Koganei will supply safe, reliable and satisfying products and services to customers by viewing products and services from customers’ perspective and standpoint, and this customer-oriented stance is the very basis of all activities. Koganei obtained ISO9001 certification, and has executed quality management since then in order to effectively and continuously carry out quality improvement activities.

Koganei’s Commitment to the Environment

We KOGANEI have set up “growth and development of human being as well as the company” as the theme of middle-term management planning, and have carried on the environmental management, thinking much of QCDE( quality, cost, delivery and environment), that is, the basis of manufacturers. We revised the environmental policy, and coping with the changes of markets and environment, we have been doing our best to manufacture environmentally considered products and to meet customers’ needs.

In response to the enforcement of the RoHS Directive in EU, we made all KOGANEI products to the Directive in July 2006.

From now on, we will move forward in making us a better company which can make a contribution to the community through environment-friendly clean technologies, and at the same time we would always like to satisfy customer’s requirements.