Kayahan ic ve dis ticaret as

Kayahan ic ve dis ticaret as

Buyuk Kayacik OSB Mah. 21

Sokak No:1 Selcuklu  KONYA


AboutKayahan ic ve dis ticaret as

In 1950 Mehmet Kayhan started his industrial career by making a model in a small workshop. In 1951, he produced his first workshop press. Over time, this workshop has been transformed into a special machine repair, and in the 1960s the place changed from the front to the back of the truck's engine. Some agricultural machines have been designed and manufactured here.


In the 1970s, KAYAHAN is a well-known actor with 20 years of experience in the field of hydraulics. Since a demand-based production strategy has been adopted, a wide range of products has been created: hydraulic presses, hydraulic pumps, steel constructions, mines, welded roles, and so on.


KAYAHAN is the first serial workshop manufacturer in Turkey. In KAYAHAN, around 2000 special purpose or workshop type hydraulic presses were produced until 2000. For example, Turkey's deep-rooted establishment of the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Institution shell press, a rocket projectile extractors, dynamite capsule presses, electric detonators press, over 70 pieces such as gas masks presses designed various special purpose presses and produced.


In 1975, KONANTAŞ Konya Foundry Machinery Industry and Trade Co. Inc. and taken the first step to transform into KAYAHAN Group. It can now also cast. Water and fire valves, produced by processing poured KAYAHAN the first time in Turkey. It has a capacity of 10.000 pieces per year from 60 mm to 500 mm in various sizes.


One of Turkey's largest iron and steel enterprises in the 1980s Eregli and Iskenderun Iron & Steel Iron & Steel Works Turkey for the first time 180 tons and 250 tons of pig slag ladle cars are manufactured by KAYAHAN. Thus, KAYAHAN, who met with the iron and steel industry, has opened a new page. The KAYAHAN in the 1980s for iron and steel mills, shower, desk roles have started to produce in Turkey for the first time and has continued in production until the late 1990s.


The 1990s were also the years when hydraulic cylinders for the iron and steel plants began to be produced. In addition, the first export of hydraulic cylinders for the iron and steel industry was in 1992.


Since 2000, other productions have been abandoned, focusing exclusively on the production of hydraulic cylinders. At the same time, KAYAHAN, which fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001 quality standard in 2000, has been awarded ISO 9001: 2000 certificate.


In 2016, Konantaş Konya Döküm Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. As a result of the merger, CONCENTTED Konya Casting Machinery Industry and Trade Inc., HIDROTUR Hydraulic Cylinder Machinery Metallurgy and Mining Industry Trade Inc. and KAYAHAN Domestic and Foreign Trade Co. which consists of KAYAHAN Group, is the largest dimensional capacity of the hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in Turkey. With the honing capacity of 1,8m diameter or 15m paint, all production processes of hydraulic cylinders produced in KAYAHAN A.Ş. Kayahan A.Ş. has been specializing in hard chrome plating for many years. As of the beginning of 2015, chromium-nickel coating is also possible. Company,


The company specializes in the production of industrial hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, specially designed and manufactured for heavy-duty, special-purpose and large sizes. The advantage is that the machine park can produce large numbers of cylinders at the same time. The difference is that in order to keep the quality under control, it makes 100% control during production and assembly.