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Kastt spol sro


AboutKastt spol sro

KASTT, spol. s r.o. is a technical company of the Czech origin that has been operating in the domestic as well as European markets since 1990. Since its very beginning the company has gradually become a renowned manufacturer of exchangers for heat recovery and a reliable supplier of air handling and air conditioning systems. Since 2004 the company has been a member of the globally present VINCI ENERGIES, Group which has been widely engaged in various activities, from modernization of industrial and administrative buildings, through traffic and communication infrastructure, to development of energy networks. The group operates in 51 countries with about 65 thousand employees.


Within our field of business, we offer and provide the following activities:

  • Manufacture of rotary regeneration heat exchangers
  • Service of rotary heat exchangers and recuperators, service of air handling and air conditioning systems
  • Complete supplies of air handling technology works and sets
  • Design activity (air handling, air conditioning and water cooling)
  • Consultancy and guidance with regard to the activities above
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