Jokwang ILI Co Ltd

Jokwang ILI Co Ltd

37 Sanmakgongdanbuk 10-gil, Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

AboutJokwang ILI Co Ltd

Established in November, 1968 It has been 55 years that the company has focused on the development of valves.

Every time the company was faced with challenges, it rose up to them and the attention to detail that it has poured into developing new technologies has led to an accumulation of know-how that offers further courage and hope for the company and our customers. The ongoing technology and product development meets both the needs of the customers and a changing corporate environment.We analyze, research and develop products with a willingness to push frontiers and offer some of the best products in the global market. Customer satisfaction and increased corporate competitiveness are our goals as we move along the path to become the world's best valve manufacturer and growwith our customers.We are always thankful to the loyalty that our customers have shown us over the years and we kindly ask for your ongoing support.

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