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JMartans Automation Ltd.

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AboutJMartans Automation Ltd.

This is JMartans Automation ltd

We are a complete service automation company providing intelligent control systems design and automation system integration. Our mission is to design, manufacture and support products and services that are state of the art while continuously striving for the highest quality and cost efficiency.

For over 15 year, our industrial automation and control engineers have managed hundreds of projects for companies ranging from small private firms to larger organizations.

Unlike other automation integrator, JMartans handles a wide scope of responsibilities and guides your team through every step of the project. From the engineering design phase, through fabrication, installation and integration.

We are a valuable resource to your team.

By collaborating with a skilled team of in-house electricians, JMartans helps you avoid unnecessary errors during fabrication, testing and shipping.


We are ISO9001:2015 certified and we promote and encourage  continuous professional development of our team.

Our international partners are the best in the industry and we proudly represent them in Malta.  PC-based control and EtherCAT, Pile  in terms of safety automation, Belimo for field device solutions for controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), Siemens Building Technology for automation technologies and services for commercial, industrial and public buildings and infrastructures, and IXON for all-in-one Industrial IoT solution for remote service and IIoT to machines.

The 4th Industrial Revolution in on

Technology is evolving faster than the industrial market can keep up with. Industry 4.0, digital factories, smart components, incorporating cyber-physical systemsbig data collection across multiple geographic locations, remote monitoring and maintenance – all serve to improve process speed, reach higher efficiency and finally deliver better products and services to customers.

However, adapting an existing plant to incorporate these technologies is not painless: the change can often be very complex and expensive, full of hidden costs that arise during project execution. To minimize costs and downtime, plants require a step by step process, integrating new systems and components with existing ones – that are often still performing well despite their age.

Thanks to our newly established sister-company JMartans Engineering, we can now develop automated assembly and processing machines, integrate packing and material handling/manipulating solutions and build complete inspection testing stations!