Industrial Shields

Industrial Shields

Fabrica del Pont 1-11 (Recinte industrial del Pont Vell) .  Sant Fruitós de Bages, 08272 · (Barcelona)

AboutIndustrial Shields

Based in Barcelona and founded in  October 2012 , Industrial Shields is the brand under the company  Boot and Work Corp S.L.  . We are a fast-growing company with the aim to become the biggest developer and producer of industrial automation electronic devices based on Open Source Hardware electronics.

Our goal is to offer the widest choice of products at very reasonable costs compared with the products that are developed under the current market leaders. We also offer the possibility to buy this directly to us, online.


Based in Barcelona, we are currently delivering Worldwide to the main industrialized markets. Nowadays, Boot and Work Corp S.L. is an independent private company with the majority shareholders being in an active part of its Management team.

We have been the first company in the world to develop a complete PLC based on Open Source Hardware under Industrial parameters design that can be bought at the significant price discount if compared with other proprietary products.


Our R&D department is developing a broad variety of products with the aim to satisfy the industrial companies, giving priority to the Quality and the Safety. We are also offering an Open Source license that lets our customers know in deep the products, which at the same time lets them take profit from very low cost developing costs.

Products that we are currently selling are:

  • PLC based on Arduino (PNP, NPN, Relay, analogical, …)
  • Touch Screen with integrated Linux system
  • Industrial sensors
  • Mechanical and Electronic devices
  • Machinery automation and human interface add-on

Our Marketing team is continuously registering our products under Creative Commons license, as well as looking constantly at the market needs. At Industrial Shields you will find all the hardware needed to make all of your automations, but you will also find a Technical Service, which will offer you continuous advice about the product itself and the associated software.

The mission of is to be your main marketplace for the Open Source Hardware for automation.

Logistics & Production

Most part of our products are available on the shelf and ready to be shipped immediately from our offices and warehouse in Barcelona (Spain). This gives us the flexibility to deliver our products in the shortest period of time. In our facilities in Barcelona we manufacture, warehouse and ship the orders by skilled workers.