Induction Technology Corporation

Induction Technology Corporation

22060 Bear Valley Road, Apple Valley, CA 92308

AboutInduction Technology Corporation

Induction Technology Corporation is an international company that specializes in the design and manufacture of complete induction melting and heating systems consisting of new or remanufactured Power Supplies, Furnaces, Coils, Water Cooled Power Cables, and Water Cooling and Recirculation Systems.

Our complete systems utilize induction technology to heat or melt ferrous and nonferrous metal alloys through the use of an inductive electromagnetic field. Click here for more information on how an induction system works.

Induction Technology Corporation was founded in 1979 with the main objective of providing superior service and innovative products for the induction melting and heating industry. Click here to learn more about our company history.

To better serve our customers with ensuring that they receive the best induction system for their unique heating or melting application, we have partnered with Ambrell to provide efficient and effective induction heating systems and melting systems using high frequency solid state power supplies. Click here for information about our business alliance with Ambrell.

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