Imefy, S.L.

Imefy, S.L.

Pol. Ind. La Cañada Avda. Siglo XXI, s/n E-45470 LOS YÉBENES (TOLEDO) - Spain

AboutImefy, S.L.

IMEFY has in its Control Laboratories Raw Materials and Finished Product, the highest technology to perform more thorough inspections and tests required by national and international standards for products used in the manufacture of transformers.


IMEFY group has acquired a commitment to the quality of life of our society: transform and transport electricity with the maximum security guarantees from its sources to the homes of thousands of people around the world.

A compromise based on the experience and professionality of the people who integrate the group, supported by the latest technological advances in the field of industrial electricity.

IMEFY GROUP designs and manufactures transformers for 40 years.

It started with a small garage in Los Yébenes (Toledo) and nowadays has factories in Spain and Italy, furthermore in all five continents and sales offices in Poland and Portugal.

The internationalization of IMEFY began in 1990 and has been conquering markets gradually. They say they are "more as farmers than manufacturers" because plant seeds in each new country with the same patience and dedication of those who cultivate the land.

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