Humbel Gears Group

Humbel Gears Group

Oberfeldstrasse 9 CH-9214 Kradolf

AboutHumbel Gears Group

Our promise

Whatever helps our customers

Our flair for innovation is as varied as the needs of our customers.

Always at the right time

We are constantly optimising our processes and methods. This makes us both fast and agile.

High quality with no compromises

The best solution implemented to the highest standards. As simple as that.

Someone to rely on

We are big believers in planning and the reliability for which Switzerland is famous.

Our attitude

We are all about competence

As experienced pioneers with a wealth of expertise.

Proud to be a family business

What we share binds us together.

Doing great things together

We are happy to share our knowledge and achieve our goal together with our customers. Whatever it takes.

Proud but demanding

We are meticulous about everything that leaves our factories. Our quality is our trademark.

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