Houfek as

Houfek as

Obora 797, Golcuv Jeníkov, Czech Republic 

AboutHoufek as

The company  HOUFEK as  was founded Ing. Jaroslav Hufek in 1991.  Originally, he worked as a small workshop for the production of simple woodworking machines . Today, the company is based in Golcuv Jenikov, on the very border of the Vysocina Region. In the beginning, the company produced mainly belt sanders.

The technical uniqueness, originality and  quality of the workmanship resulted in an increasing demand for HOUFEK machines on the Czech market  and gradually abroad.

The technical concept of the manager was supplemented by his son Ales Houfek and thanks to his work since 1993, the company has undergone dynamic development. The result was the  expansion of production with another series of woodworking machines of their own design wideband grinders, which today work successfully in 22 world countries.

Already in 1996, the company started to build new premises, which subsequently moved in 2001. In 2005, the company opened a new production hall in the presence of significant business partners and customers, where its new facilities and new high-tech technologies were also found. This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic under OPIE, the Development Program I.

We have used the Export Support Project  2015-2017 as part of the  Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness . The aim of the project is to support the export of  HOUFEK as  by participating in 14 foreign exhibitions, to ensure the transport of exhibits to the place and to obtain suitable promotional materials for their presentation.

The modernization of the production program has made it possible to increase the quality and range of manufactured machines. Therefore, today the company  HOUFEK manufactures  also oscillating  edge sander, oscillating roller grinders, brushing grinders, CNC machining centers,but the encounter with the  machine for wood finishing, grooving and current and machines for industrial use.

Power in a simple solution - this is the HOUFEK credo in the development and construction of grinders.