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HighField Gears

Nile Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 3LP

AboutHighField Gears

At Highfield Gears, we're passionate about helping each and every customer with their industrial gearbox needs. Knowing that, as a direct result of our gearbox repairs, a business has a gearbox that is back up and running to its original specification, gives us no greater pleasure.

The quality industrial gearbox repair service that we offer, from a complete gearbox upgrade to the creation of individual gear components, is done by a team of specialists who work to an incredibly high standard.

No matter the solution, we can work with a range of units made by a number of brands such as David Brown, Radicon, Renold, Sumitomo, Flender, Chemineer, Siemens and Hansen. In addition, we can reverse engineer, strip, or upgrade individual gear components such as worm gears, double helical gears, bevel gears, spur gears, shafts, drives, bearings and casings.

What Makes Highfield Gears So Unique

Cutting-edge Machinery

Since our founding in 1927 we have been investing in equipment which allows us to work on helical, spur, worm and bevel gearboxes of varying sizes and weights, up to 18 tonnes. We can also offer gear cutting, and gear grinding, facilities, all of which are done on-site.

Specialist Knowledge

We offer a deeper level of thinking when it comes to your gear units and spare gears. We don’t just do a one page quote and get on with it. Instead, we take a holistic approach and offer recommendations based on your requirements and gearbox application. Often, through the process of repairing industrial gearboxes, we actually go on to improve the performance, because of this approach.

UK-based Experts

Competitors have chosen to move manufacturing and repairs overseas whereas, here at Highfield Gears, we have made a conscious decision to keep our talent, expertise, and experience in our home town of Huddersfield. This allows us to better serve our clients in the UK and speeds up the process, limiting downtime.

Able To Deal With All Problems

While other gearbox repair services claim they can solve specialist issues day or night, we actually can. Operating for nearly 100 years has allowed us to understand every gearbox problem there is, this level of innate knowledge is matched by very few competitors.