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Hemeyer Holding GmbH

Scharzfelder Straße 18-22, 37431 Bad Lauterberg.

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Welcome to the Hemeyer Group

Aerial view of the Lauterberg plant in the Harz Plant Lauterberg in the Harz The Hemeyer Packaging Group represents companies with expertise in the field metal packaging for the chemical industry, petroleum industry, food industry, paint & pharmaceutical industry at the locations:

  • Bad Lauterberg in the Harz / Lower Saxony
  • Kleve in the Lower Rhine / North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Bitterfeld / Saxony-Anhalt.

Aerial view of the Kleve plant
Plant Kleve on the Lower Rhine

Aerial view of the Bitterfeld plant Bitterfeld plant

History of Hemeyer Verpackungen GmbH

1976 Takeover of Lauterberger Blechwarenfabrik founded in 1916 by Dipl. Kfm.
Karl-Heinz Hemeyer with the business fields purchase, sale, storage and forwarding of sheet metal and galvanized and enamelled articles.
1980 Founding of Lauterberger Verpackungs GmbH with the production program bung drums & drums & drums, cylindrical 20-130 ltr., Conical 20-120 ltr.
1981 Schwelmer Verpackungs GmbH was founded in Schwelmer Eisenwerks, the oldest German barrel factory founded in 1886, which for the first time produced welded barrels.
1987 Founding of Hemeyer Montage GmbH 

  • Contract mounts for welded and steel sheet constructions
  • Transport and conveyor technology

Foundation of Klever Verpackungs GmbH 1990/1991 Relocation of Schwelmer Verpackungs GmbH to Kleve and change of name to Klever Verpackungs GmbH

Production program bung and lid drums 1991 75th company anniversary, Lauterberger Blechwarenfabrik GmbH in Bad Lauterberg
1997/1998 Takeover of the Bitterfeld packaging center and name change to Hemeyer Verpackungen GmbH, Bitterfeld plant with the production program for the reconditioning of steel drums and the cleaning and repair of PE containers.

1997/1998 Relocation of small container production from the Lauterberg plant to the new Bitterfeld plant
Investments in modern and fully automatic production lines.
1998 Change of name of Lauterberger Blechwarenfabrik GmbH into Hemeyer Holding GmbH and Lauterberger und Klever Verpackungs GmbH in Hemeyer Verpackungen, Lauterberg plant or Kleve plant
1999 Foundation of Hemeyer Montage GmbH - Bitterfeld
2006 Foundation of the Karl-Heinz Hemeyer Foundation in Bad Lauterberg
2006/2007 Extensive investment program at the Lauterberg plant New production hall Floor punching line Palletizing line Topcoating line & dryer with automated stacking line in the Kleve factory Punching machine for the production of blanks for top and bottom floors

2008 Investment in two high-performance production lines in the Lauterberg and Kleve plants.
2010 Renewal / modernization of the external painting machine at the Kleve plant.
2010/2011 New investments in two high-performance welding machines and automatic screwing machines for the Lauterberg and Kleve plants.
2011 Reconstruction / modernization of the universal production line for small containers and renaming of Hemeyer Reko GmbH to Hemeyer Reko Fass GmbH and Hemeyer Reko IBC GmbH in Bitterfeld.
2012 Recertification according to DIN 9001.

Initial certification in environmental management according to DIN 14001
Spatial planning of the district to create the conditions for the operational development of the new areas
25th company anniversary, Hemeyer Verpackungen GmbH, Kleve plant on 17.12.2012
Renaming of the Karl-Heinz Hemeyer Foundation to Karl-Heinz and Annemarie Hemeyer Foundation
2013 Start of cooperation with Clausthal University of Technology

Investment in a thermal-regenerative waste-air purification plant with improved energy efficiency for the Kleve plant
Task of the Business Unit Reconditioning of used steel drums at the Bitterfeld site
Change of name of Hemeyer Reko IBC GmbH into Hemeyer Container GmbH
2014 Renewal of painting systems for interior and exterior painting for bung and lidding drums at the Lauterberg plant
Creation of the basis for certification according to ISO 50001 Energy management for all Hemeyer Group factories (testing in December)
Planning of a storage and cutting center for the production of small containers at the Bitterfeld plant
Further development of the capping technology for small containers with content 20 l to 120 l in conical and cylindrical design for individual customer solutions
2015 As part of the introduction of energy management ISO 50001 investment

  • In thermal-regenerative waste-air purification plants with higher energy efficiency in the Lauterberg and Bitterfeld plants
  • Conversion to LED lighting technology in all Hemeyer Group plants, starting in Kleve in March 2015

Task of the business unit reconditioning of used PE containers at the Bitterfeld site
Re-certification according to ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management)
First certification acc. ISO 50001 (energy management) in August 2015
Investments in 250 t presses each in the Kleve and Lauterberg plants for lids (diameter for standard and container-compliant versions)
2016 Foundation of Hemeyer Service GmbH and commissioning of the cutting shop for sheet thicknesses from 0.5 to 1.2 mm
2017 Implementation of the latest testing technology at the two production sites in Bad Lauterberg and Kleve in order to continue to operate as the market-leading manufacturer of steel drums. Now two identical systems monitor the ongoing production of bung and lid drums in order to ensure a safe production process.

In the course of the planning for the new building of Hall 4 in Bad Lauterberg, the new hazardous materials warehouse for packaging varnishes has been put into operation.The Bitterfeld site was equipped with an additional fully automatic small-scale welding system.

2018 from January, the Lauterberg plant will be commissioning the state-of-the-art new drum line for bung and lidded barrels.