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Helmholz GmbH & Co. KG

Hannberger Weg 2, 91091 Großenseebach, Deutschland

AboutHelmholz GmbH & Co. KG

Compatible with you – automation technology that fits
Whether mechanical engineer, designer, or technical operations manager, automation technology pros aren't looking for a large selection.
In practice it is the one perfect solution that counts. Being able to offer this perfect solution for every automation task is the ambition
of Helmholz: through clever products in line with market requirements and complicated, rapid, and effective logistics.

Innovative and reliable
As a practical person, the important thing is optimizing things, solving tasks more elegantly, and designing smaller and simpler components. Innovative strength, teamwork, and a high level of quality consciousness create the conditions for this. Customers from Helmholz experience the special customer proximity of a medium-sized company that is both globally structured and has its roots in the region.

Solutions from one source!
A comprehensive range of components and systems for automation: At Helmholz you will find sophisticated products for your automation projects ranging from a decentralized I/O system through switches and repeaters, gateways and firewalls to integrated remote maintenance solutions.

More is more
The highest standards for quality and reliability allow for security in design and during running operations. The complete development and production process of Helmholz products takes place internally or is directed from our company headquarters in Großenseebach in Franconia. Quality management certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 accompanies the emergence of each Helmholz product through all phases of the process chain.

Our values
We are proud of our employees and our products, as well as of our values. These have made Helmholz a reliable partner in industrial automation, both nationally and internationally.

We have also always wanted to be a reliable partner for our employees. Thus, since the founding of the company, we have had reason to be proud of constantly increasing personnel development, with crisis-proof jobs without termination of employment for operational reasons.

Made in Germany is for us not only a slogan: the development and production of our products is controlled from our head office in Großenseebach, and takes place at production locations in Germany.

The final assembly and inspection takes place in the internal Production department at the company headquarters.

High standards for quality and performance have provided the foundation for this pride in our products for nearly 30 years. In order to meet these standards, we have been certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 since 1999. Integrated monitoring systems help us monitor the complex production processes at each production location.

A social institution in our immediate vicinity assists us with the pre-assembly of electronic components. People with disabilities here receive self-affirmation, a sense of independence and social acknowledgment through their work – including on our products.

This doesn’t mean that social responsibility ends for us at our own front door. Helmholz attaches great importance to the observance of human rights and to environmental protection.

Our direct suppliers therefore assure us, among other things, that they do not acquire raw materials from conflict regions, and that they limit the use of objectionable materials in accordance with the valid EU Directives. It is of course self-explanatory that our products are produced without the exploitation of children and minors.