Hardy Process Solutions, Inc.

Hardy Process Solutions, Inc.

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AboutHardy Process Solutions, Inc.

Hardy delivers high performance weighing solutions with the LOWEST TOTAL COST to own. We include Industry Leading Technology in all of our scales and instruments to make it EASY for you to install, integrate, and maintain.  Powerful solutions that are easy to use is why our customers realize increased production efficiency. Want MORE PRODUCTIVITY at the LOWEST TOTAL COST to own? Call Hardy to discover how Today!

EASY Weighing Solutions for Process & Packaging

Hardy helps manufacturers and processors by providing process measurement solutions that reduce waste, increase productivity and improve quality, often by up to 50% over prior systems. Our customers find Hardy’s people and solutions easy to work with and reliable, while delivering an exceptional return on investment.

Hardy offers a broad line of process weighing instrumentation, load cells, sensors and scales for use in a variety of applications including mixing/blending, filling/dispensing, check weighing, rate control/monitoring, level by weight, and filling/dispensing.

Weight data is easily transferred directly to PLCs, PACs, DCSs and PCs via plug-in weigh scale modules or over interfaces such as EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet TCP, Remote I/O, Profibus DP, and Modbus TCP.

Industries such as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical, petroleum, forest products, aggregate /mining, glass and automotive all rely on Hardy products and weighing expertise to provide timely, accurate data and control for their processes.


  • Hardy’s products and people are easy to work with, providing you top-notch customer service and high quality products and solutions.
  • Our key customers are Manufacturers, Food Processors, System Integrators and OEMs, making us experts focused on understanding your process weighing needs.
  • Our process weighing and packaging solutions measure, dispense and feed raw materials, and check finished product providing you complete end-to-end solutions.
  • Our solutions reduce raw material waste, increase production capacity, improve quality, and help lower inventory levels, offering you outstanding value.
  • Our customers are able to increase their productivity and accelerate their return on investment, giving them a competitive edge.
  • Hardy’s weighing instruments and PLC plug-in modules are DESIGNED and ASSEMBLED in the USA.

Hardy Process Solutions has been a leader in the industrial marketplace since 1918, and is known for its innovative approaches to precision instrumentation and sensors. Designing innovative, industry-leading products, which save time and money isn’t enough. Our products must also provide features that look out for the safety and well-being of your people as well as the accuracy of your product.  Since 1984, we've developed a full product line of weighing solutions for process & packaging. 

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