Friedrich Vollmer Feinmessgeratebau GmbH

Friedrich Vollmer Feinmessgeratebau GmbH

Verbandsstraße 60 b 58093 Hagen GERMANY

AboutFriedrich Vollmer Feinmessgeratebau GmbH

Focused on the cold rolling
Whether with new systems or modernisation measures, the goal is always to achieve the optimum dimensional precision of the strips. That is why Vollmer, as the only manufacturer of measuring systems for the rolling of metal, adopts a holistic approach:

Rolling mill with strip shape and strip thickness contol

Rolling mill with strip shape and strip thickness contol

• From the grinding of the rolls

• through the sensors for measuring thickness and shape

• right up to the technological control system

• and hydraulic screwdown of the mills.

We don't just measure whether the strip is within the tolerance. With the mill control, Vollmer provides the user with the basis for being able to reliably meet the demanded specifications for the process.

Our experience gathered over more than five decades also forms the basis for the software, for example for practice-oriented data visualisation and comprehensive statistical evaluations that are perfectly tailored to the needs of strip production, and in particular to those of cold rolling mills, and for the pass schedule memories that thanks to their ease of operation are quickly accepted by the users.

Roll measuring devices used either during grinding on the grinding machine or as traversable straddle gauges for offline measurement complete the Vollmer product spectrum for cold rolling.

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