Frico AB

Frico AB

Box 102, 433 22 Partille, Street address: Industrivägen 41, 43361 Sävedalen, Sweden

AboutFrico AB

Frico offers you a wide range of products for a comfortable indoor climate.Through our parent company Systemair, we also possess knowledge about ventilation and can provide appropriate solutions.


Energy efficient products for a comfortable indoor climate

We offer total solutions, including both complete heating systems and products for additional heating, that helps you manage the local climate in shops in, industrial buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants and sports arenas. Because we are environmentally aware our products are climate-smart. In our product development, the focus is on achieving the greatest possible function with the least possible energy consumption – without compromising on our core values of trust, competence and design. The intelligent products contain control systems which ensures that you never consume more energy than is required.