Flash Battery Srl

Flash Battery Srl

Via XXV Aprile Ovest, 23/A - 42049 Sant’Ilario d’Enza (RE) - Italy

AboutFlash Battery Srl

Flash Battery was founded in 2012 by Marco Righi and Alan Pastorelli, the CEO and Technical Director, respectively. Its mission has always been to supply lithium batteries to builders of industrial machines and electric vehicles who have moderate production volumes and strong needs for customisation. Today in Italy, Kaitek Flash Battery is the lithium battery that recharges the fastest and requires no maintenance, thanks to its proprietary remote control system.

Flash Battery has been designing and building lithium batteries for industrial machines for many years. We specialise in interpreting the customer's specific needs and finding the most effective solution possible.

Electric vehicles equipped with Flash Battery batteries recharge very quickly, are maintenance-free and are light in weight, thanks to the properties of lithium and the Flash Balancing System for electronic control.