EWAB International AG

EWAB International AG

1971 Kelley Court Libertyville, IL 60048

AboutEWAB International AG

Smart industrial automation

EWAB is an industrial automation company with a global footprint.

We are offering automated conveyor systems, robot cells and integration of loading and unloading devices to your manufacturing line.

We design and build all from fully automated multi process flow systems to single cell solutions.

Our robust and reliable pallet conveyor solution bring long lasting values to your production.

Automated carrier conveyor. Workpiece carrier system solutions. Pallet conveyor. Friction chain conveyor. Conveyor automation.

Whatever you call it, we can do it.

We invented it.

In 1970, we invented the serpentine conveyor, a.k.a the Alpine Highway.

It revolutionized production control and was a technically advanced method for the transportation of products. It works like a railroad

switch-yard and product flow can be switched into different tracks, leading to the desired stations.

We sold it.

It worked perfectly for overcrowded environments where floor space was an issue. The Serpentine System made it possible to “lift” the product flow from one floor level to another, thus achieving optimum use of plant space.

It increased production capacity without costly plant extensions.

We are proud of it.

In 1977 we sold a few of this Serpentine Systems to a Swedish company called Wasabröd, part of the Barilla Group. They are the biggest crispbread baker in the world selling its products in 40 countries all over the world. All of our systems are still in full production, 43 years later!

That´s what we call a good return on investment!

The Flow Expert - We move every workpiece

We are passionate about Material flow. For over 50 years we have transported customer parts in different industries. An EWAB Workpiece carrier system is most reliable material flow system on the market and we have incorporated the principals of Theories of Constraint, Kanban/CONWIP and Lean in the solution.

Robot loading and integrations

Just add machines to your production line. We are offering integration- and peripherals services like robots, gantries, laser marking, washing and cleaning.


Conveyor automation

EWAB systems are trusted by manufacturers worldwide. Either you need a machine buffer loop or a large flexible flow line. We can design and build an automated system to reach a new level of production excellence. We will support your investment project and collaborate from conceptualization to implementation on site.

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