Esprit Automation Ltd

Esprit Automation Ltd

Plackett Mill, Church Drive Sandiacre, Nottingham, NG10 5EE, United Kingdom

AboutEsprit Automation Ltd

Our distinctive blend of innovation and experience has enabled Esprit Automation to move from a university-based research project in 1986 to the leading British manufacturer of CNC cutting machines. We deliver machines that are built to last with exceptional quality, first-class service support, engineering expertise and the flexibility to meet our customer needs. All Esprit machines are 100% British-made and we installed over 1500 cutting machines in more than 30 countries worldwide. 


Since the creation of Esprit more than 30 years ago, our vision has been to empower our customers to do more with our innovation in products and services.

Minimizing the operational downtime of your machines and offering fast and efficient service when needed have always been key elements of the Esprit brand.


In 1990, Esprit Automation selected Hypertherm as its exclusive partner for plasma cutting systems; years on, the relationship is as strong as ever and the two companies work closely together to develop more tightly integrated solutions to achieve higher levels of precision, better cut quality, improved reliability, and lower running costs.

Our design engineers work closely with the Hypertherm team to ensure our CNC plasma cutting machines are always at the forefront of technology. In fact, Hypertherm even uses our Lightning HD Esprit machines in their European Demonstration Center in Rosendaal, the Netherlands, to perform demonstrations and cutting examples to customers.