EM Brno, s.r.o.

EM Brno, s.r.o.

Jílkova 124, 615 32 Ĺ˝idenice, Czechia

AboutEM Brno, s.r.o.

The company EM Brno Ltd. was founded in 1996 and took over the manufacture of electric motors and state enterprise MEZ BRNO. The whole history of the traditional production of electric motors already started in 1909 by Richtr Brothers in Brno - Židenice.

Currently, we offer motors for light and medium engineering industry in smaller numbers, as well as bulk quantities.

We are ready to find a solution and produce non-standard motors according to your needs.

The quality of our services is guaranteed by the established quality system ISO 9001/2008 and, of course, by a long tradition.

Electric motors EM Brno:

  • industrial DC motors series M

  • DC traction motors 3 M

  • DC motors for spindle drives V series

  • asynchronous motors series 1 AY with independent ventilation

  • embedded asynchronous motors

  • electrohydraulic devices of EP

  • explosion proof asynchronous electric AOM (Exd IIC T4, Exd I, Exd IIB T4), ATEX

  • AC servomotors 5 NK

  • gearless lift machines NL4, NL24, NLU

  • dynamostarters LUN 2132.02-8 and voltage regulators LUNN 2167.03-8 for Czech aircraft LET 410 and for foreign aircrafts with motors GENERAL ELECTRIC AVIATION CZECH

  • special motors
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