Elmali Makina

Elmali Makina

3. Organized Industrial Zone, Kuddusi Cad. No.54 Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey 42250

AboutElmali Makina

ELMALI MAKİNA is a leading company in the sector that aims to the satisfaction of its customers and the happiness of its customers who design, develop, heal, and aim for the perfect product. QUALITY, TRUST and RELIABILITY  axes, customer-oriented quality management aims to be a leader in the sector.

ELMALI MAKINA With more than 30 years of experience, it has been established to manufacture sheet metal working machines (presses) in Konya. Manufactured in our company; All design, manufacturing and assembly processes of ECCENTRIC PRESSES (CH Type), HYDRAULIC STORAGE PRESSES (CH Type), SERVO DRIVER SHEET (Perforated) PRESSES, HYDRAULIC ABKANT PRESSES, HYDRAULIC GIOTINE SHEARS AND SPECIAL DESIGN MACHINES are all made within our factory. ELMALI MACHINE, which aims to work with superior quality, state-of-the-art technology, suitable design and high-quality manpower since the first day of production, has been continuously renewing itself and continues its services for both domestic and foreign investor industrialists.

Our company attaches great importance to after-sales technical support and service to the extent that it attaches importance to quality in production. Our products are guaranteed for 2 (two) years against manufacturing defects.

Our company attaches great importance to R & D activities in order to capture the ever-evolving and changing technology. ISO9001-2000 quality management system and CE certification are the most important criteria for exporting to EU countries.

Our aim is to increase our exports while contributing to the development of the country's industry and ultimately to make ELMALI MAKİNA a BRAND.

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