ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH

ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH

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AboutELCO Industrie Automation GmbH

The Elco Group is a global operating company, that has experiences a rapid development since 2003. The core business is the production of encoders, system products and sensors according to German standards. Own automated product lines guarantee products of non-stop high quality.

Elco Industrie Automation GmbH

Elco is an international company with two locations in Germany.The business areas of Elco range from system integration to the conception, development, production and sales of automation solutions such as encoders, sensors, cables, interface modules, fieldbus system products and even IoT system solutions.

Our goal is to deliver not only the best product to the customer, but also exactly the product that he really needs. Special solutions are therefore an important part of our company. Thus, the motivation of our company comes not only from our own employees, but also from our customers. On the one hand are the ideas of our product managers, development and manufacturing experts and on the other hand the customer with specific needs and requirements.So both sides perfectly merge together.

One of our greatest ambitions is to accompany and support our customers in taking the next step in digitization. We firmly believe that good products can only be created if you develop and combine hardware and software.We call this principle "Single Point Of Contact", or SPOC for short.You have one contact person for all questions and concerns, whether it is cloud services, app solutions, industrial radio links or M12 connectors.We at Elco are always there for you and are open to the craziest ideas.

Not all companies have realized that they no longer have to focus on their products, but on their customers. Only in this way companies can secure the chance of future competitiveness. Our approach is therefore not to make customers' machines better, but how we make our customers more successful.

The technology of today's machines, for example, is considered to be largely mature, and in terms of price, a German manufacturer can hardly undercut the competition from Asia.For example, Elco relies on different approaches, for example preventive maintenance.Machines are networked with the maintenance staff and report if necessary.We call this: "The internet of things in action".If machines fail less often and this advantage can be passed on to the end customer, this is a classic Elco approach.

A Chinese proverb says: "A good customer does not change the business for three years, a good business does not change the customer for three years."

This wisdom from China is not only valid in the Far East but can also be easily transferred to the Western world.
Neither the product nor the employees are the figurehead of a company, but the customers. Only if you manage to satisfy them, you can have a lasting success. This way of thinking is very deeply rooted in Elco's DNA.
Every single employee has the goal to inspire our customers. Not just with products, but with services and a good cooperation.

We are your contact as a product supplier, as a service provider, as a problem solver and a discussion partner on a technical basis.

ELCO 360°

Our all-round service for you!

We offer you a complete product portfolio — from data collection with our Automation products (sensors, encoders, connectors, I/O systems) via data connection with IoT hardware to data collection in our IoTHub and data visualization in the form of Industrial Apps — from our Business Unit Internet of Things. At Elco you get everything from one source!

We supplement our product portfolio with holistic services for you. We accompany and support your projects from start to finish — that's ELCO 360°.