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Eastern Fluid Power Inc.

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AboutEastern Fluid Power Inc.

Eastern Fluid Power Inc. is a custom manufacturer, systems integrator and service centre for motion control systems and components.  We believe every fluid power challenge has a solution. Our services include Design/Build capabilities using a variety of technologies, including Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Electro mechanical.  We advocate for Smart technologies, using energy efficient systems with diagnostic total feedback instrumentation.

For over 30 years Eastern Fluid Power Inc. has exceeded our clients' expectations with the right solution and the desired result. View our capabilities below.

ISO 9001:2015

TSSA Certified    

We design and build fluid power systems to order. Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Motion Control.

From Engineering to Production to Commissioning, we work with you to ensure that your system will meet and exceed your expectations.

ISO 9001:2015 Registered

From concept to prototype to final design and production we operate to ISO 9001-2015 in a fully controlled ERP environment. Some designed to order specialities are
listed below.

We repair all hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems, at our shop or on your premises. We are available for complex trouble-shooting for Industrial and Mobile applications or simple shop repairs, such as resealing a cylinder or making a replacement hose or tube.

ISO 9001:2015 Registered

We work with all OEM equipment and offer replacement parts and repairs. We have two fully equipped drive-in mobile bays. We have work cells for Tube Bending, Aluminium extrusion cutting and assembly, cylinder repair, including large telescopic cylinders, replacement hose assemblies, and four general work stations for the repair of pumps, motors and small cylinders.

We perform planned maintenance and preventive maintenance, including oil sampling and analysis.

Some service and repair specialities include:

Press Z142-10 Pre-Start Health & Safety Audits and compliance rebuilds

Automation, retrofit and remanufacture of Industrial or Mobile equipment

Boom Trucks and Heavy Mobile equipment, including hydraulic safety inspections

Repair, Service and Installation of Compressed Air systems and Compressors

Mobile Hydraulic Systems

Boom trucks, excavators, dump trucks, backhoes. Whatever your heavy equipment needs we can repair, automate or rebuild the hydraulic system. Hose, tube, cylinders, motors. We have two mobile bays specifically designed for heavy equipment.

Hydraulic and pneumatic shop repairs

We have a fully equipped shop. Our facilities include:

Two mobile bays accessible for the largest equipment, a cylinder work bench for large heavy duty cylinders, an Aluminium Extrusion cell for building workstations, safety enclosures & guards, Tube Benders, one mobile or floor model, hose Assembly cell, cutting, crimping & cleaning, and four general purpose work cells for repair of small cylinders, pumps, motors etc      ENGINEERING
Our in-house Engineering capabilities include Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Designer and International Fluid Power Specialist   PRESSURE TEST AND FLUSH
flushing and static test cart
The final check of functionality and safety conducted on a Rail Vehicle (Locomotive, Monorail, Train or Streetcar), is the testing and verification of the integrity of the hydraulic braking system.

This Hydraulic Flushing Cart, tests the pressure in the system and identifies any pressure changes.  It then polishes the Hydraulic Brake Fluid to the correct degree of cleanliness (NAS 5) or better.  Oil from the refinery is not sufficiently rated for a braking application and needs to be additionally refined.  The cleanliness is monitored by digital instrumentation which produces a continuous printout, providing comprehensive test verification data.

These units were built in our facility in Kingston for Bombardier Rail, and are for the Toronto Transit Commission, the TTC.

These units have been shipped to Vancouver, Thunder Bay, Kingston, Toronto, Mexico, Brazil, China and Saudi Arabia  HYDRAULIC/
hydraulic, pneumatic and electro mechanical teaching test bench
Single or Double sided Trainers, Hydraulic, Pneumatic or a combination.  Available with standard teaching aids (Manually operated Hydraulic Valving, Electro-hydraulics, Proportional controls, Closed Loop Electro-hydraulic and Mobile Hydraulics), or customized to your specific industry and training requirements.

ISO 9001:2015

These trainers are designed to be customized for specific industry requirements:








Additional sets can be supplied for Sensor Technology, PLC Control and Mechatronics.

Developed by a Hydraulic Specialist with more than 25 years training experience in Industry and Community College enviroments.  A complete range of teacher/student training aids are available.

Comprehensive Manuals

Recommended Curriculum

Train the Trainer materials and support

Student comprehension aids, quiz, tests etc

We look forward to discussion your training requirements!