Dunkermotoren GmbH

Dunkermotoren GmbH

79848 Bonndorf/Schwarzwald GERMANY

AboutDunkermotoren GmbH

The company was established as an innovative and quality-conscious organization dedicated to the manufacturing of sophisticated linear and rotary drive systems. The production and logistic sites of the company include Germany, Serbia, China and USA and this makes Dunkermotoren GmbH a global player in electric motion control drive solutions. It is now part of the global AMETEK group.

The components used in the company's innovative drive solutions are designed and manufactured at Dunkermotoren. The company's modular systems offers the highest flexibility, bearing components of 500 output watt power, integrated logic and power electronics with different field bus interfaces.

The company believes that tradition and innovation are not mutually exclusive and this has been proven for years by the organizational integrity and quality.