DP Electronics

DP Electronics

Hohenstaufenring 38-40, 50674, Köln, Germany

AboutDP Electronics

DP Electronics (Deutsche Power CO.)

DP Electronics is an independently owned international corporation, listed in IHK (German chamber of Commerce) and registrar of companies (Hong Kong). We offering an established and effective range of power protection products, services and sales to a very broad spectrum of industries and sectors.

DP Electronics Focus

Deutsche Power is a high-tech enterprise specialized in power supply business with an excellent R&D team formed by over 350 engineers and a skilled, dedicated work force, has innovated, developed and improved the products to meet the demands of customers and keep pace with changing demands of the industries.

With two International offices located in Germany and Hong Kong with Assembling Partners in Hong Kong, Hungary, China, Taiwan and Germany, Deutsche Power ensure to offer most reliable, economical, durable and state of art technology products.

Quality & Reliability

DP Electronics has a very strict and precise quality assurance system. All Products are verified through Strict QC Checkup and all Assembling Plants follow same manufacturing standards as outlined by Deutsche Power Co., Head office in Germany. We have strict QC standards and believe in quality products. Therefore all of our Products whether assembled in Germany, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan or Hungary have the same standards and quality.

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